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About Brothersoft

BrotherSoft serves worldwide customers as among the top 5 leading software download websites. Over 250,000 freeware and shareware are for free download which covers 7 channels including Windows, Mac, Mobile, etc. There are more than 10,00,000 downloads every day on our site.

Multi-language portals including Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish to meet the software need of Non-English speaking country customers.

Since 2008, we implemented Akamai’s Electronic Software Delivery and Dynamic Site Accelerator solution with globe servers in more than 60 countries worldwide to keep high-speed download.

Brothersoft is composed of the following 7 channels, each one with a specific purpose:

  • The Windows Channel lists a wide range of freeware, shareware, trial,and demo software products for the Windows OS.
  • The Mobile Channel is designed for mobile phone enthusiasts and provided with many hot mobile applications for multitudinal mobile brands and models.
  • The Games Channel provides gamers with the latest and hottest demos, patches, trailers, information on upcoming release and evaluation, etc.
  • The Mac Channel lists a wide range of freeware, shareware, trial, and demo software products for Macintosh Systems.
  • The Webapps Channel designed for the users who don’t want install any software and run the software by browser.
  • The Widgets Channel will provide the customers with the widgets tool software which can run with the Windows and Mac OS.
  • The Drivers Channel provides the customers with the drives of different brands and types for PC.

Brothersoft aims to supply the best for customers, with Better, Safer and Faster software download experience. Welcome your feedback.

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